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Characteristics of SEO Friendly Articles

Articles are one of the types of contents used in the strategy of SEO services like the Jasa SEO Jakarta, However, many articles are made by bloggers do not pay attention to these two things so that visitors do not like the site. This led to rating page view to be minimal and the impact on the search engine believes the site is a site that is not valuable. What are the characteristics of a SEO friendly article? At least some of the characteristics of the friendly SEO articles are namely:

– Relevant
Search engines or search engines will recognize articles that are relevant to the keywords entered by the visitor. Besides, Google is also working with the relevance of an article with keywords, not the number of keywords you enter.

– Not many keywords are used
The article that is friendly to the search engines is an article that does not use too many keywords that friends want to target.

– Have a clear objective
Every article made by friends must have a goal and purpose is different. Friendly SEO article should have a clear objective but not necessarily reproduce keyword which is used.