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Tips on Choosing the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory Equipment

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Anatomic pathology laboratory at the hospital desperately needs reliable equipment, to support services pathological analysis of the patient’s tissues and other analyses such as immunohistochemistry, cytology, etc. At the time of anatomic pathology laboratory equipment procurement of a variety of brands and suppliers, then there are some important things that must be considered, among others:

1. Estimates of long use tools that will be purchased
Estimated duration of use tool is needed because in many cases, tools anatomic pathology laboratory will experience a shift or certain parts undergo wear so that the appliance is not precise. Because the anatomic pathology laboratory tool requires a high degree of precision, for example, a microtome to cut tissue 3-5 microns, then the device will be purchased must be able to withstand for a long time and are made with materials that are difficult to corrosion or wear.

2. Maintenance and after-sales service
After sales service is very important to ensure the service life of tools that will be purchased, it is largely determined by the seller’s readiness to support after-sales service.

3. The specific features that are owned by means of anatomic pathology laboratory to be purchased
In many cases, the tools that have many features that look very sophisticated, but we think it’s better to focus on the features most needed by the anatomic pathology laboratory. For example, for microtome, the most important is the ability microtome to cut tissue with consistent and accurate, not just for the short-term but in the long-term.